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Applus+ RA Environmental Reliability Testing

We boast various advanced testing capabilities , including tests for climatics, mechanics, electrical performance, connectors, functional testing and more.

Our laboratory has also passed the ISO17025 certification, which is recognized by most OEMs.


Our environmental reliability testing mainly focuses on automobile electronic and electrical products and automobile passive safety products. The products involved mainly include: automobile lamps, ECU, entertainment navigation system, sensors, display screen, motor DCDC, seat heating pad and other electronic products, as well as automobile instrument panel, steering wheel, DAB, PAB, vehicle body and other passive safety products reliability and static ignition testing.


At present, our testing business is mainly divided into the following categories:


Ⅰ Environmental climate durability testing:

Climatic durability testing: simulating the effects of various environmental conditions that vehicle components would experience in real operational life. 

  • Alternating damp heat
  • High and low temperature testing
  • ​Environmental life aging
  • ​Alternating infrared aging environment
  • ​Temperature shock (Air to Air, Air to Water)
  • ​Dustproof and waterproof (IEC)
  • Xenon lamp aging


Ⅱ  Vibration durability and functionality testing:

Vibration and functional testing: simulating the influence of various dynamic loads and operations on automobile parts during transportation, installation and actual use, and test the final functionality of products.

  • ​Random/swept frequency vibration
  • ​Three comprehensive vibrations
  • ​Mechanical shock
  • ​Fall down
  • ​Protection level (IEC)
  • ​Insertion/withdrawal force
  • ​Static ignition of airbag
  • ​Endurance fatigue


Ⅲ  Corrosion resistance testing:

Corrosion resistance testing: simulating the catalytic effect of various environments on chemical reactions for vehicle parts. 

  • ​Corrosion of circulating gas
  • NSS
  • ​Circulating salt spray
  • CASS
  • ​Microscopic observation (optical metallographic microscope)


Ⅳ  NVH testing:

NVH testing: improving the comfort of the vehicle and the useful life of the parts. 

  • BSR
  • Abnormal vibration noise
  • ​Noise of parts

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