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Electrical performance

RA EMC testing contains Electrical performance testing.


Our testing capabilities include:

  • Direct current supply voltage testing
  • Start pulses testing
  • Operating current testing
  • Closed-circuit current testing
  • Reverse polarity testing
  • Over currents  testing
  • Long-term overvoltage testing
  • Jump start testing
  • Slow decrease and increase of the supply voltage testing
  • Slow decrease, quick increase of the supply voltage testing
  • Reset behavior at voltage drop testing
  • Short circuit in signal circuit and load circuits testing
  • Single line interruption testing
  • Multiple line interruption testing
  • Superimposed alternating voltage tetsing

  • Insulation resistance testing

  • Power offset testing

  • Ground offset testing

  • Transient undervoltage testing

  •  Voltage curve with electric system control testing

  • Load dump testing

  • Transient overvoltage testing

  • Short interruptions testing

  • Withstand voltage testing

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