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Mechanical Testing

RA harness & connector testing contains mechanical testing.


Our testing capabilities include:

  • Mechanical shock testing
  • Vibration with thermal cycling testing
  • Drop testing
  • Terminal effective contact distance testing / cross section testing
  • Tensile strength of terminal crimping testing
  • Terminal engage force testing in housing
  • Terminal/Terminal cavity polarization testing
  • Terminal Retention force testing in housing
  • Terminal to terminal engage/disengage force testing
  • Terminal bend strength testing
  • Header pin retention testing
  • Connector-connector mating/Unmating force testing
  • Unlocking forcem testing
  • Connector retention force & Locking mechanism strength testing
  • Connector error proofing structure testing
  • Engage/Disengage force testing of TPA
  • Engage/Disengage force testing of CPA
  • Connector ring seal retention force testing
  • Shielding ring retention force testing
  • Connector-to-Connector audible click testing
  • Dimensional characteristics testing

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