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Carbon Footprint

Applus+ Laboratories has set up the carbon footprint service, aiming at reducing the harm of greenhouse gases into the environment.


Our carbon footprint certification is based on a life cycle perspective, including:

  • Raw material extraction
  • Raw material production
  • Raw materials distribution
  • Production, sale and other production activities
  • Product distribution
  • Product consumption and product use
  • Reuse/recycling/disposal


We can provide the following types of services for you:

  • Product carbon footprint certification
  • Second party audit of carbon footprint of products
  • Carbon inventory at the enterprise level
  • Carbon verification at the project level
  • Greenhouse gas related knowledge training
Above services include carbon footprint calculation certification, carbon footprint emission reduction certification and carbon footprint compensation certification.
Benefits of Carbon Footprint Certification:
  • Accurately know your company's greenhouse gas emissions.
  • To prove your company’s commitment to reduce the impact of climate change.
  • Improve the image of your company to your customers, users and consumers.
  • Improve the enthusiasm of employees through the company's commitment to the environment.
  • Medium and long-term cost saving


Reasons for choosing Applus+ Laboratories:

  • Applus+ Laboratories is an independent and well-known institution, which can help your organization achieve sustainable development.
  • We analyze customers' needs, and we have expert auditors in various industries to provide services with maximum value for your company..
  • We customize the specific certification scheme according to the customer's organizational structure, process and activities.
  • Our international cooperative business mode, extensive product portfolio and recognized business scope enable us to provide global expert services and we can also customize the plan for your company's requirements.


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