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Cybersecurity Evaluations

With an ever-increasing range of connected devices and services in our homes, cities and in industrial and infrastructure settings, cybersecurity has never been so important. From payment systems to IoT and connected vehicles, our team of experts is experienced in providing evaluation, testing and certification services to help ensure that devices work together with robust security. 
Applus+ Laboratories is a security laboratory accredited to carry out a wide range of security evaluations, including under the Common Criteria, Global Platform and EMVCo certification schemes. We also provide assessment and training services to help our customers identify their needs from the very beginning of product development.
Note: Because Applus+ Laboratories is accredited as a third party laboratory by several evaluation and certification schemes, and in order to guarantee its impartiality, Applus+ engineers are never involved in actual product development or solution implementation.
Our services range:
  • Cybersecurity assessment
  • Cybersecurity for loT
  • Common Criteria Security Evaluations
  • FIDO security evaluations
  • SE & smart card evaluations
  • Cybersecurity for automotive
  • Cybersecurity training
We can provide you with your own solutions according to your needs.

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