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Applus+ RA’s new Airbag deployment laboratory is up and running in Shanghai!

时间:2022-10-31   浏览数量:1805

The new laboratory widens our automotive testing capabilities with state-of-the-art equipment for Airbag deployment testing. 

Airbags are indispensable   in vehicle passive safety. To ensure they work properly in any given environmental condition, airbags (AB),subsystems, and whole vehicles are tested at different temperatures to verify deployment performance and ensure they fulfill  different specifications (such as protection area, inflation time, integrity, etc.)


The new laboratory in Applus+ RA features two environmental chambers, one is 61m3 for full vehicle tests, and the other smaller one is 26m3 for subsystem and component level tests.


Our testing process works in  accordance to different standard requirements. We can perform tests inside or outside the chamber. When the testing is implemented outside the chamber, the sample is conditioned at a specified  temperature and time. . Then, the test can proceed outside the chamber in less than 2 minutes, or within 10 seconds using a moving plate (this item is just for subsystem/module test), according different customer requirements.


The Lab uses Microsys test equipment, a benchmark brand for Airbag deployment test systems, and it is also equipped with Phantom high-speed cameras with a shooting speed of 9000 fps.


Our lab capabilities have the potential to  meet the Airbag static deployment requirements of most OEMs in Europe, America, and China. Additionally our experts  boast with years of trajectory in the field. . Some of our most  successful cases for airbag deployment testing include Ford, NIO, Great Wall and Volvo- among others. 


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