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Applus+ RA enhances EMC testing thanks to its new reverberation chamber in Shanghai

时间:2022-11-16   浏览数量:1663

Applus+ Reliable Analysis’new facility in Shanghai opens a wide array of opportunities to keep improving EMC measurement and testing for electrical and electronic components in the automotive industry.


To aid manufacturers in the compliance of high automotive safety and quality standards, Applus+ Reliable Analysis has recently invested in a new reverberation chamber for its Shanghai lab. 

Reverberation methods have continuously proven to optimize testing in the automotive industry. This approach has several advantages over traditional anechoic chambers. Starting with their inherent homogeneity and evenness that enable continuous measurement and test results. This is especially helpful for high-frequency trends, since reverberation chambers allow for a more comprehensive EMC performance analysis of automotive parts.


The Shanghai laboratory is backed up by the SMART™ (Statistical modal average reverberation test site) technical scheme from ETS-Lindgren, a comprehensive solution provider with a superior compatibility. The reverberation chamber measures 4.88 m (L) x 7.20 m (W) x 3.30 m (H) and uses rotating blades and tuners, resulting in an exclusion zone for 2.5m (L) x 1.6m (W) x 1.0m (H).


We will, as always, continue to consistently use our professional technical ability to provide our customers with accurate and high-quality testing services.

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