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Applus+ Reliable Analysis (Shanghai) opens a brand new EMC chamber for testing battery packs of new energy electric passenger vehicles

时间:2022-06-30   浏览数量:1834

The new facility is extensive enough to test the very largest electric vehicle (EV) battery packs on the market.

Works on the brand new semi-anechoic chamber at Applus+ Reliable Analysis (Applus+ RA) in Shanghai have now finished. The EMC chamber is set up for the 1m method and will be used to test battery packs of new energy electric passenger vehicles. Thanks to its size of 9m x 7m x 4m, the team at Applus+ RA Shanghai can now test every EV battery pack on the market. 

The chamber is equipped to test radiated emission, conducted emission, magnetic field emission, radiated immunity (including radar pulse), bulk current injection, magnetic field immunity and portable transmitter radiated immunity. In terms of the power filter, it is equipped with up to 1000V DC / 300A and 380V AC / 63A for product power supply, and it can be applied to the high-voltage parts of all new energy electric passenger vehicles.

As the rapid development of new energy vehicles gathers pace, we continue to advance our technical capabilities to provide our clients with the highest quality services possible. 

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