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Applus+ RA’s new BSR Laboratory is up and running in Shanghai!

时间:2022-10-25   浏览数量:1695

A new laboratory for Buzz, Squeak and Rattle (short for ‘BSR”) at Applus+ RA in Shanghai is already enhancing efficiency and quality in the testing of noise sources on vehicle components.


Applus+ RA has expanded its automotive testing capabilities with a new BSR shaker to test noise sources on vehicle components.


The new test equipment operates inside a semi-anechoic room with background noise of 20dBA or less, and a semi-free acoustic field lower than 1.8 m. The shaker has AKE low-noise vibration table with a thust of 11KN, and its excitation source operates with background noise of no more than 30dBA. Additionally, the carbon fiber countertop of the machine can also minimize the thrust loss.

Last but not least, another interesting attribute is that the shaker is able to provide sinusoidal, random and path spectrum vibration, fulfilling the majority of the standards and requirements of a large share of OEMs. The acquisition and analysis system are HEAD, the industry benchmark. 


Now, the new BSR laboratory will be able to provide regular noise quantification acquisition, abnormal noise evaluation, customized abnormal noise analysis, and noise source analysis to our clients in China.


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